Air Conditioning Service

We are equipped to troubleshoot, repair and or service automotive climate control systems commonly referred to as an HVAC system. So if your A/C is not blowing as cold as it once was, please consider getting it serviced sooner than later. Often times we find that longer you wait, more damage occurs due to the fact that not only is the refrigerant likely leaking but the small amount of lubrication oil is leaking as well. With the absence of this vital lubricant, the air conditioning compressor could experience accelerated wear.


Additionally, if your vehicle is equipped with any other climate controlled features such as heated & cooled seats, we can provide you with service on those as well. Heating and air conditioning concerns are no problem for us.


Finally, if your vehicle’s A/C system has an unusual odor present that smells like mildew within the vehicle, you’re not alone. Ask us how we can help to eliminate that smell from your vehicle.


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