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Connie & Dick’s Auto Service Center is a AAA Approved full service automotive repair facility equipped, staffed and ready to provide you with exceptional service. We provide bumper-to-bumper automobile and light truck maintenance, service, and repair for most makes and models.

We have been providing Claremont and the surrounding communities with professional automotive service since 1960!

We provide an industry leading warranty on all parts and labor:

3yrs / 36,000 miles,

whichever occurs first.


Circa 1960

Connie & Dick’s partnership began in a small Mobil gas station in Downtown Claremont near the intersection of Bonita and Yale avenue.

Down the road, they had multiple service stations including the popular Shell station located on the North East corner of Indian Hill Blvd & Bonita Avenue.


Circa 1970

Connie & Dick’s Service Center was operating in the Olive Street building located just north of our current location.

Both Conrad and Richard worked in our current facility up until the mid 1990’s.

Modern Times

Present Day

Since 1977, Connie & Dick’s has been operating in this 13,000 sq. ft. facility  originally built for the U.S. Postal Service which served as a Claremont’s Postal Annex in the early 70’s.

We are constantly updating tooling, equipment and increasing our proficiency so that we can continue to provide professional grade service for years to come!

Connie & Dick's Auto Service Center

Is proud to announce that we’ve recently been recognized as an ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) Blue Seal Certified Shop! According to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, department of consumer affairs for California, there are over 22,000 registered automotive repair facilities in the southern half of the state.


Within that group there are less than 50 Blue Seal Certified Public Shops and we are so proud and honored to be part of this elite group of world-class automotive service centers.

More about ASE Blue Seal


We work on a wide spectrum of vehicles and systems. The vehicle’s of yesterday today are our specialty and we’re always looking forward to learning what the future will bring. Alternative propulsion systems such as electric & hybrid drive systems are already part of our serviceable vehicle group. After more than 55 years of servicing automobiles here in Claremont, we’ve collected years of experience which allows us to provide efficient and competent automobile service and repair.

We look forward to servicing the vehicles of tomorrow!


Employees and their combined knowledge amount to our biggest asset. We invest heavily in continuing training and education. The technology that exists on today’s vehicles is growing exponentially and will continue into the future. Without highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians, we would be unable to provide you with the specific care your vehicle deserves.

If you know a great technician looking for great place to work, please send him or her our way, we’d love to talk!

Systems and Components

Many integrated systems exist on the automobile of today for safety, comfort, emissions, and efficiency. However, many of these systems introduce complexities which often require a high degree of skill, knowledge, and the infrastructure to support all the technologies deployed on these vehicles. Having the ability to address service issues properly is what we pride ourselves on and we understand what it takes to make sure that we’re prepared for the challenge. From decades of experience, we’ve learned that many of the problems we encounter can be avoided through proper preventive maintenance and service.

We can fix it, but we’d rather maintain it!


We take great pride in providing professional automotive service and repair and we do this by employing ASE Master Certified Technicians who use quality parts and service procedures in order to achieve the most effective repair to your automobile or light truck.


Our technicians participate in more than 80 hours of continuing education each year so that we’re able provide our customers with the best overall repair experience.


If you’re looking for a new service home for your car or light truck, please give us a call or simply stop in sometime. We’d love to meet you and show you around. We hope to see you soon!


★★★★★ 61+ Customer Reviews

★★★★★   April, 2017

Honest, friendly, local. Best things about living in Claremont… reliable fair business.


Andrea S.

★★★★★   March, 2017

All possible problems & solutions were presented, i.e, no surprises (to the existing complaint) from the onset. I appreciate the cleanliness of the shop & the customer service – it shows pride in the business. I feel comfortable doing business with Connie & Dick’s.

Anne B

★★★★★   March, 2017

We recently moved to the area and were looking for a new auto service center. I’m very happy we found Connie and Dick’s. They are friendly, professional and competent. They are very detailed in their explanation of repairs, including pictures, and work with you to decide on what is critical and what can be done at a later time.

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Diane P

★★★★★   February, 2017

I began coming here a couple of years ago, when an air conditioning problem was estimated at another shop as a $2700 fix. Connie & Dick’s did a diagnostic and repaired the problem for less than a quarter that amount.

The service here is excellent and personal, and very communicative. They work hard to determine the problems and best solutions every time I bring each of my two vehicles here.

They have been in business for decades, and have a well-earned reputation. Locals know that Connie & Dick’s take care of your cars “for life.” They count on your coming back, in return their service staff now knows the nuances of your cars, and builds a relationship based on faith and trust.


Jeff K.

★★★★★  November, 2016

I had a great experience. I was able to not only get all my automotive questions answered, but I felt welcome and very well taken care of. The folks at Connie and Dick's were very hospitable and we're accommodating with the price. I had a friendly and an overall excellent experience. I highly recommend everyone to come to Connie and Dick's for all their automotive needs.


Naimah H.

★★★★★  September, 2016

I am beyond impressed. I was referred to Connie and Dicks from SV Auto as I was extremely low on oil and overdue for an oil change.  They are AAA approved. they do not give a AAA discount on maintenance items, but it is good to know that I would get 10% off (up to $50) for being a member.

They are located in such a quiet and secluded area- a hidden gem… Read more

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Starshine W.

★★★★★   March, 2017

Wonderful experience. Oscar was my technician. I wasn’t able to sit there while he worked but they offer an interactive link so you can see what work is being done from your phone. They make their recommendations and you can approve, deny or ask questions. Responses are quick. My issue required in depth discussion so he called to speak with me vs just leaving a comment in the link, which was much appreciated. Oscar was also honest about what work was imperative and what could wait, which was also appreciated.


Shelby C.

★★★★★   February, 2017

Great service at a reasonable price. Honest and professional.

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Michael N

★★★★★  December, 2016

Great service and staff, they were extremely nice and helpful towards questions over my car. Definetely the best auto service in Claremont.

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Juandi C.

★★★★★   November, 2016

I sprung a major leak right after moving to california, I decided to take them to Connie and Dicks after having them do my smog check. Oscar gave it to me straight how much everything would cost and even gave me suggestions on what could use some help too for future reference. Definitely will take my car to them for future issues.


Alexandra H.

★★★★★   August, 2016

I’m a licensed Master Technician with a Smog License and former shop owner, now retired.  I’ve known Connie & Dicks for many years as a very reputable place.  Honest and highly skilled techs.  Just had an issue with my pickup that I didn’t have the diagnostic tools to tackle, so off to them it went.  They called the next morning and it’s ready to go.  Only charged for the diagnosis.  They are the best around (since I retired 🙂 ).


Chuck D.

3 year 36,000 mile warranty on parts and labor

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